Is Your Face This Fit?

Fit with @BrittRingstrohm

If you’ve never came to the point in your life where you feel you need to start exercising and moving your body more, keep living, you will.

A Smile Never Ages

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95 year old wisdom from Bernice

When Bernice came into the office on her 95th birthday the first thing I did was give her a big hug, the next thing I did was ask her what bit of advice she would give to someone at my stage in life. Her answer was perfect, and one that I needed to hear. Don't sweat the small stuff...

Is Your Child This Close to ADHD Medication?

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Joey was on the brink of medication...

No parent wants to put their child on medication. How you ever been there? I know over the past decade I have literally sat with thousands of families seeking help for their children after they have been 'everywhere' and tried 'everything.'

When the #Advantage saves someone $36,000

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When you are about to make a decision, how often to you ask yourself, “how much will this cost?”

If you are like most people cost is a factor in most decisions. However we often only think of cost in one direction, as an amount in dollars and cents it will cost us if we make the purchase. BUT how many of us ask ourselves the other side of the cost question.

How much will it cost me if I don’t make this purchase?

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